Dance ~ it’s the Summer of Love!! ♥

Hello everyone ~ its been a while! 

i’m back :D

ehm as i told you in my previous entry that i’ll be back in summer vacation with my results.. actually when i wrote that i thought this day wont come at all xD the past 2 weeks was tiring as hell.. i studied like a freak and i did the best i can..

my summer vacation started last Sunday ( June 19th ) and i’m all happy and relaxed and enjoying my time ^^ ~ *thank god*

here you my honorable results :P 

i actually did good!! my efforts finally paid off :’D yaaaah i’m so proud of myself!! x”D i raised my GPA by 7 points it was 3.93 last semester now its 4 i cant believe it kyaaaa ~ ~ ~ 

enjoy your summer folks! and i hope your results are good too :D

see ya later ~ ♥

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